Saturday 24 December 2011

Wishing You A Lovely Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who reads my wee blog and hope you all have a happy holiday! See you in the New Year with more street style snaps xxx

Monday 19 December 2011

Eastern Influence

Model: Naoimh Campbell
Stylist: Maureen Collins
Clothing and Furniture : Jacob Street at Bedeck

Delicate, ornate detailing was key within this third theme for Cover magazine to emphasize Eastern design influences. We used a red hanging lantern and dramatic rich fabrics like embroidered silk to create an opulent effect.

Monday 12 December 2011

Current Event - Street Art Exhibition @ The Ulster Museum

Work by Jamie Hewlett, Kerry Roper and Banksy

Part of the Tags Not Labels exhibition

Last Thursday I was very lucky to get a sneak preview of the new Street Art exhibition at the Ulster Museum! Drawn from the V&A collections, this touring exhibition features some of the biggest artists in the Street Art community. Over 30 artists are featured including prints and stickers of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Sickboy, Pure Evil and D*Face. To accompany this the museum is also showcasing Belfast's local Street Art talent. 'Tags Not Labels' features the work of selected local artists through large gallery installations alongside a series of street art photographs. Really recommend that you go and have a nosey- admission is free!

Sunday 4 December 2011

Upcoming Event - The Rusty Zip Christmas Jumper Party

The Rusty Zip Summer Party - August 2011

In the middle of organizing a Christmas party in work for this Saturday! Been stocking up on retro Christmas jumpers and to add a touch of glamour - a 20s style collection packed full of party dresses. Everyone welcome so pop along if you're in the Botanic area there will be music, food and a few extra surprises! Perfect warm-up if you're heading down to the Continental market at City Hall.

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Global Journey

Model: Naoimh Campbell
Stylist: Maureen Collins
Clothing and Furniture : Jacob Street at Bedeck

East meets West in this eclectic 'Global Journey' shoot which explores world-fusion design carried out through batik prints and bold patterns, with a dash of oriental silk. I concentrated on warmer tones throughout the story and loved the broad range of influences to experiment with! Big thanks to Naoimh for letting me traipse her through nettles and weeds that day to get to the derelict shed!

Monday 28 November 2011

Baby I've Got The Blues

Model: Naoimh Campbell
Stylist: Maureen Collins
Clothing and Furniture : Jacob Street at Bedeck

'The Blues' is one of the first design stories I photographed for Bedeck to appear in their new online magazine Cover! The first issue concentrates on the latest designs and is full of inspiring ideas on what to wear and how to decorate your home. This shoot was influenced by the Mediterranean so we wanted to capture cool ocean blues to tropical turquoise hues. Vintage silk jewel-toned dresses, a stunning peacock feathered headpiece by Leonora Ferguson along with bold ethnic jewellery helped to create a vibrant effect. Will be posting more themes shortly!

Monday 7 November 2011


These images of a musician were taken back in February. It has taken a while to post these because I've mixed feelings about black and white in digital form, it just can't compare to film. Felt good to experiment though and branch out from my usual colour images! Tried my best to replicate that iconic 60s rock n 'roll vibe shooting low-key portraits.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

New Chapter

Catching up on my blogging been having that 'I haven't done my homework' feeling but have been quite busy over the last few months as I got a new management position at The Rusty Zip! To begin a new chapter and to celebrate our website re-launch we decided to throw our first end of Summer party. During business hours on Saturday the 27th of August we invited three local bands to play (Pixel Vs Nanobot, Andy Train and The Alice Kona Band) alongside artist Stephen Maurice Graham of 400 facts to capture the day on paper (see top illustration.) We had goodie bags filled with postcards, our ebay listings and sweets. Popcorn, cupcakes and savoury snacks were also compulsory! With the help of our wonderful sourcer Lauren we managed to showcase our first ever 'Rusty Collection' based on 1950s teddy girls, mixing houndstooth, leopard print and lace to create a modern edge.

Thankfully the day was a success so watch this space for future collections and a festive Christmas party happening in store next month! Get your Christmas jumpers out ;)

Sunday 31 July 2011

The Olde Belfast Velo Jaunt - 31/07/11

The Olde Belfast Velo Jaunt is Belfast's first free jaunty bike ride inspired by London's 'Tweed Run'! Yesterday participants were invited to take part in a 14 mile round trip leisurely cycling from Custom House Square in the city centre along the shoreline up to Whiteabbey wearing fine dandy-esque outfits, stopping for a few hours to picnic in Hazelbank Park.

Though this style wasn't compulsory, gentlemen really put the effort in wearing vintage tweed jackets and suits complemented with cravats and bow-ties for a finished look. Bright Argyle and stripy patterned socks were also present to add a splash of colour! Ladies wore stylish silk scarves and cute straw boater hats with dresses and shorts.

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon the event will hopefully run again soon due to its popularity!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection By Karl Lagerfeld

Pic by Fast Fashion.
Bottle courtesy of Thinkhouse Communications

Diet Coke took another stylish step into Spring this year by announcing its second fashion collaboration with world-renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld. Launched last month the bottles have been named the ultimate accessory for this Summer. The contemporary collection features three designs including polkadots, pink swirls and studded stars. Personally my fave has to be the stars! They are available individually or as a set in an exclusive prism-shaped collector's box created by the designer.

Monday 13 June 2011

Easy Breezy Summer's Day

Clothing : Jacob Street (basement of the Bedeck shop on Lisburn Rd)

A few promo shots from the second shoot I took back in mid-May for Jacob Street. Loved the hand embroidered Mexican style dress alongside the ethnic furnishings (a nod to Frida Kahlo.) The sunshine yellow 60s dress also adds that extra splash of colour that would eliminate any Summertime blues about the weather!