Sunday 23 May 2010

Frock Around The Clock Vintage Fair @ The Holiday Inn - 9/5/10

Claire and Angela McDowell
Claire's dress and shoes - Vivienne Westwood
Angela's tartan bag - Vivienne Westwood

Rosie Moore
Clothing - various charity shops
Boots - Docs
Jewellery - New Look

Ellen Turley
Dress - Liberty Blue
Scarf - Primark
Watch Necklace - Black Market

Sunday 16 May 2010

That Flower, That Bike!

Becca Schwindt
Dress - Liberty Blue
Cardigan - H&M
Bag - Bought in India
Flower - Accessorize
Bike - Pashley

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Fast Fashion Interviews Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris - a 21 year old P.R man and rising star shares his exciting journey from Limavady to New York.

Tell us about your journey so far.

The job that led me to where I am today was at People's Revolution, a fashion P.R company based in Los Angeles, Paris and in Soho New York where I started work. I began there as an intern and along with that came the opportunity to star in the MTV show The City and then another called Kell On Earth. I think one of the main reasons I got cast was because they were looking for a straight guy! As my time in People's went on I decided to get into P.R for menswear brands. I worked closely with a guy called Pablo Olea who was good friends with Jeremy Scott so my time spent there involved styling and helping out with model castings for New York/London Fashion Week.

The same applied to Whitney Port's first clothing line- working behind the scenes, helping her out with invitation design and music for the show. She's doing really well as her line Whitney Eve continues to be stocked throughout stores worldwide. You can find pieces of her range in Candy Plum boutique in Hillsborough.

Now, back in Belfast I'm working as head P.R in sales within Ireland and the U.K for a Soho-based brand called Rochambeau. They do a minature collection for women but it's mostly menswear.

Do you think choice in menswear has improved over the years, in terms of design?

Yes definitely, men are being encouraged to be more out there. Things have developed from when a Ralph Lauren jumper and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt was considered to be stylish with brands such as All Saints and Topman being so edgy. This is reflected in Rochambeau's collection in that it's not as straightfoward. With flowing draped silhouettes in the form of harem denims the brand breaks the rules in terms of what people think menswear should be at the moment (skinny fitted clothes.)

Tim's T-shirt collection

Who or what do you look to for inspiration?

Everything really, it's hard to say because one day I could be dressed like a mod, the next day look like you are just out of a beach hut or heading to a country shoot. It's important for me to not be attached to any stereotype. Stepping away from the checked shirt and Wrangler jeans style that you see so much in Northern Ireland. With the wide variety of shops and designers everywhere I like to experiment with different looks and price points. There's no reason why people can't look the way they want with shops such as Primark offering wide scope.

Any particular item in your wardrobe that you are most proud of?

I've collected items that designers have given me along the way like Jeremy Scott T-shirts. I received a bag that Lady Gaga owns from his Bone to be Wild collection, whilst helping out at London Fashion Week. I also love all my jeans and I own about ten blazers!

Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Bone Print Bag

So is The City fact/fiction or a bit of both?

I can't really say too much but as far as my role went working with People's Revolution and Whitney, that is completely true. I mean I'm sure they manipulate scenes, there's no way a reality show can be that beautifully produced and be a Big Brother type situation. Kell on Earth which is launching in the U.K soon is not as sugar-coated and is definitely a true perception of what goes on.

What are your favourite hotspots in New York and Belfast?

My favourite stores in New York are Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn and Ina in Soho. The first has such an eclectic vintage mix you could find a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes or a 1970s baseball jersey. For going out and partying The Jane Hotel and Lucky Strike is good. I worked in a really laidback area so we just went to bars after work. If you wanted to spot famous people there's a Mexican restaurant called La Esquina. I was in with my dad once and Jay-Z happened to walk in with his entourage I was like - Woah!

In Belfast most of my friends are students so we'd probably end up in Rain Nightclub. Favourite restaurants to mention are Little Wing Pizzeria and Coco on Linen Hall St.

Describe a perfect day off

I'd be chilling in Brooklyn in the back garden of a house I used to live in. I was living with a guy who used to be from my hometown. He did a similar thing- just got up and left. He married a Brooklyn girl and took me into his beautiful house whilst he had his family going on. I owe him a lot. He is now a total success story, working on films with Liam Nesson and Russell Crowe.

Any advice for budding fashion interns?

Just stick your neck out. One email changed my life so don't be afraid to write to large companies. I came from a small town, no disrespect to it but it's so narrow minded, if your dad's a butcher you're expected to become one. It's really important not to step into a mould because everyone's individual. I don't think I'm anyone special but I just took the balls to go to New York and be in the right place at the right time. Stay grounded, be humble and remember it can be a cut-throat business.

Rochambeau will be showcasing its Fall Collection at the Faux Fashion Catwalk Show on Sunday 23rd of May in the Europa Hotel. All proceeds go to Pretty N' Pink Breast Cancer Charity.

Monday 3 May 2010