Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Chapter

Catching up on my blogging been having that 'I haven't done my homework' feeling but have been quite busy over the last few months as I got a new management position at The Rusty Zip! To begin a new chapter and to celebrate our website re-launch we decided to throw our first end of Summer party. During business hours on Saturday the 27th of August we invited three local bands to play (Pixel Vs Nanobot, Andy Train and The Alice Kona Band) alongside artist Stephen Maurice Graham of 400 facts to capture the day on paper (see top illustration.) We had goodie bags filled with postcards, our ebay listings and sweets. Popcorn, cupcakes and savoury snacks were also compulsory! With the help of our wonderful sourcer Lauren we managed to showcase our first ever 'Rusty Collection' based on 1950s teddy girls, mixing houndstooth, leopard print and lace to create a modern edge.

Thankfully the day was a success so watch this space for future collections and a festive Christmas party happening in store next month! Get your Christmas jumpers out ;)

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