Sunday, 13 December 2009

Viva Retro Re-opening Party - 10/12/09

Whilst I was at Frock Around the Clock I got a lovely invite by Viva Retro's Ian Day (pictured 3rd and 4th) to attend their re-opening party. Situated on North Street across the road from their old store this unit, according to Ian "has a better layout and more space, including a bigger window display." Here you will find a treasure trove of retro furniture, clothing, records, original framed pictures and games. Even TVs to electric organs! A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is present as you are free to lounge around and the addition of a new coffeeshop means you won't be short of an excuse. Definitely worth a visit!


Ross Idzhar said...

awesome, is that where Zeros used to be? I seem to be missing quite a lot!

a definite treat for the belfast vintage scene

Chiara Alaia said...


I'm Chiara and I write for an Italian magazine, called MINIMAG (this is our blog: Specifically, our magazine is a freee press street style magazine.

We have seen your blog and we have aprreciated your pictures a lot.

We have a column (Observatory from -- in this case -- Belfast), where, if you are interested, we're going to do a review of your blog also publishing some of your pictures (obviously reporting your credits and web link).

If you are interested in it, we only need an answer to this e-mail in order to have a written authorisation to publish your pictures. Then, when the magazine number will be ready, we'll send you the .pdf file or the link where you will be able to find it.

Afterwards, if you wish collabotare with us, we could keep in touch, becuase we're looking for correspondents in several cities for our street style observatory project.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks a lot.


Chiara Alaia

tommy vice said...

the new viva retro is epiiiiic :D

luvluv x

tommy vice said...

it'll be even epicer when they agree to sell me the leather sofa and chairs in the 2nd pic...

lol +i just noticed the cut of jim in the 3rd pic :D


rocketlamp said...

is viva retro a RETRO SHOP or just another SECOND-HAND JUNK SHOP, going by some of the stock its very hard to tell , ??????????